Severe Weather Plan

Weather forecasts are tracked before the race for heavy rain, thunder and lightning, high winds and extreme heat. If there is a possibility of threatening weather, information will be posted on the Fairfield Half Marathon web site so that runners can prepare for severe weather during the race as well as possible course changes.

On race day, the Medical Staff and Fairfield Half Marathon Race Committee will decide if any changes will be made to the race.  The race start time can change, the race can be postponed or the event can be cancelled.  No Refunds will be given if the event is cancelled due to severe weather.  Water, fog and high winds may cause the course(s) to be changed or shortened.

Visible lightning will cause the race to be delayed until lightening stops.

The Faxon Law Fairfield Road Races use a flag warning system in case of high temperatures. Runners should look for a flag at each clock along the Half Marathon course:

  • Red Flag: The temperature has reached >75 degrees. Heat injury is possible. All runners are urged to slow their pace and hydrate adequately. Those susceptible to heat are at a higher risk and should not compete.
  • Black Flag: The temperature has reached >85 degrees. Participants are at risk for heat stroke and are advised not to compete. Clocks have been turned off to indicate dangerous conditions.

Refund/Deferment Policy

Due to COVID-19, we are offering the option for participants to defer their registration up until 2 hours before their start time on race morning if they are feeling ill or uncomfortable joining us at our live event.. Email jody@jbsports.com to defer your registration. 

More than 30 days before race:

  • Deferment to next year’s race (1 year only).
  • Refund of race entry fee minus $10 service fee.
  • No transfers to another participant.

10-30 days before race:

  • Deferment to next year’s race (1 year only).
  • No transfers to another participant.

10 days or less before race:



  • Lost and found items are to be found within the baggage check located on the beach for the half marathon race day.
  •  JB Sports will hold the item for up to ONE WEEK following the event. Any item unclaimed after one week will be donated.

To request a refund, deferment or transfer, please email the following information to jody@jbsports.com or call (203) 481-5933:

  • Your full name
  • Race entered
  • Reason for refund or deferment
  • Daytime phone number (in case clarification is needed)
  • Email address

Each person requesting a refund or deferment will receive an email confirming the status of their request (providing an email address is on file). Please allow up to two weeks for your request to be processed.

Switching Races

You can change races until June 10, 2021.  After June 10, you cannot switch races.

If you switch from the Half Marathon to the 5K, the difference will not be refunded. You can switch from the 5K to the Half Marathon only if the Half Marathon is not sold out. If you switch from the 5K to the Half Marathon you will be charged the difference. Email jody@jbsports.com with any questions.

Corrections to your entry (spelling, age, sex, etc.)

Before June 10, 2021 any changes can be sent in an email to jody@jbsports.com.

On June 10, 2021 or after, any corrections must be made on race day with our race timers. Your race bib contains a label with your registration information. Please verify the information and confirm spelling.  Corrections will be made before race results are published if we know about these changes before the race starts.