In an effort to help promote social distancing, and reduce participants running in groups, we will not have pacers at the 2021 race. 



The half marathon offers pacers to help you reach your half marathon goals!  All pacers can be found in the WOMEN’S START AREA. Pacers will be holding a sign with your goal pace and a “PACER” bib on the back. Men are allowed to start in the women’s start area if you would like to run with a pace group. Men & women meet just after 1 mile. Select your pace below:

1:35 (7:15/mile)
1:40 (7:35/mile)
1:45 (8:00/mile)
1:50 (8:20/mile)
1:55 (8:45/mile)
2:00 (9:05/mile)
2:15 (10:15/mile)

If you can comfortably run the following goal times and would like to pace, email Pacers receive COMPLIMENTARY ENTRY!